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Meet Pinneo Construction

In the prior post, The Modern Lake House, we looked at a phenomenal new lakeside project designed by Richardson Smith Architects and built by Pinneo Construction. Today we continue in that vein but we shift mediums.

Meet Pinneo Construction is a promo doc I created which tells the story of Pinneo Construction; what they do, why they do it, and what inspires them.

Meet Pinneo Construction on YouTube and Vimeo.

For this project I worked closely with Tom Pinneo, the founder, and his team. Tom’s goal throughout was to convey the firm’s story, tell and show what makes them unique, and our North Star was an earlier film I had created, El El Frijoles. Tom and I have worked together for many years and Tom has been loving and eyeing that film ever since it came out in 2013. He has even made the pilgrimage to El El Frijoles in Sargentville, ME!

In my view, we accomplished our goal. Meet Pinneo Construction has the easy going personable promo doc feel we set out to create while showcasing the firm’s attention to detail and elucidating their process and their approach. It’s a true brand video.

The video’s release was timed to coincide with the firm’s 25th anniversary which included The Modern Lake House cover story mentioned earlier.

Pinneo Construction – Social Media Clip on YouTube and Vimeo.


On set at Pinneo Construction. Princeton, NJ. December, 2020.

Filming was completed over two-days with about a third of the project dedicated to the interview. The remainder was spent filming b-roll on Pinneo Construction job sites.

I used a Canon C500 Mark II for the interview and some of the b-roll. The remainder of the b-roll was filmed with a Canon R5 on a gimbal and a Canon C70 handheld or on sticks.

I lit the interview with four lights.Two Litepanels Astra 6x and two Litepanels Sola 4+ fresnel lights. I keyed with a smaller DoP softbox + grid and provided room fill with a larger one. Each one had a Magic Cloth as a diffuser. The two fresnel lights provided accents, one washing the prints on the wall directly behind Tom and one providing a backlight on him.

Filming with the Canon C500 Mark II. Princeton, NJ. December, 2020.

Congrats to Pinneo Construction on 25 years and here’s to the next 25!