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The Big Idea

The Big Idea, a video series I created for Fordham Law School, features eight of its faculty members on the big ideas that drive their work.

This is the teaser/trailer:

The Big Idea on YouTube and Vimeo.

The complete series of The Big Idea videos can be found here.


This was filmed using the interrotron technique I spoke about in my recent What Makes a Scientist? post. In this case we used a SnapBag Big plus Magic Diffuser as the key and the same for a bit of fill. Each used a Litepanels Astra 6x as the source and a third light, a Litepanels Sola 4+ fresnel, provided a bit of backlight on the non-key side.

A white seamless backdrop was unlit to allow it to go grey and have a bit of weight to it.

Interrotron setup. New York, NY. September, 2021.

To recap, the interrotron allows the interviewer to interact with the interviewee through the camera by means of a teleprompter. The interviewee sees the interviewer in the prompter instead of a script, the interviewer sees the interviewee via a feed from the main camera.

I filmed wider than needed in 4K to allow me to crop-in in post and move the subject around the frame.

Behind the scenes: The Big Idea. New York, NY. Fall, 2021.

The project was very successful in increasing awareness of the cutting edge research being done by the faculty.

Much thanks to Julie Meyer, Victoria Grantham, YoungJae Lee, Rob Yasharian, and Alicia DeSimone.


  1. mike casserly

    Nice teaser! Sould like to see the full film

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