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Learning to See

I have had a blog now for over six years. I renamed it Learning to See in 2009 to add a bit more imagination to the title (most photographers name their blogs after themselves.)

Learning to See encompasses the lifelong process of trying to see in new ways and with fresh eyes.  The challenge of communicating through one’s work and the challenge of seeing, hearing, and understanding all that is in the world.

In that vein, the past four years have seen a seismic shift in my work. In 2010, a client suggested, coaxed, and pushed me into video. It was not foreign to me, I had dabbled in filmmaking growing up and in college. I had also kept abreast of changes in the industry with the appearance large-chip lower cost dslr/video capable cameras.

I dove in and video/filmmaking is now over half of my business. It’s also where I have been channeling much of my personal work the past few years.

For stills work I shoot a mix of people and place for editorial, design, corporate, and advertising clients. My filmmaking has tended to be small-footprint handcrafted projects where I edit as well as shoot and produce. I have also worked as a DP, gaffer, and cameraman.

My blog plays many roles: journal, press agent, manual, visual diary, and a place to put notes I’m afraid I’ll misplace. My guide is simply – this interests me, I’ll put it out there, it might interest others.


Jon Roemer
May, 2014


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