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I Need Your Vote!

Update, 5/6/2015 – The competition ended Wednesday, 5/6, at 5 PM. I came in second with 358 votes, the winner had 462, and third place had 74.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to watch my film and to vote! I went into this with no idea of what to expect.

Many of my clients shared the link with co-workers, many family members posted to their networks on Facebook. I was touched to see the level of support and activity on my behalf.

It’s all a win in my book. Thank you!

My film, Bachman Wilson House, is in this week’s Reel 13 competition at WNET, PBS Channel 13, in New York City. It’s up against two shorts and the winner will air this weekend.

To vote please go to the Reel 13 competition page. Bachman Wilson House is on the left and the vote button is beneath the film’s thumbnail. Voting runs through Wednesday, May 6th at 5 PM.


Bachman Wilson House, captures a Frank Lloyd Wright home of impeccable quality in its original location for the last time.