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Canon E1 Plugin v1.2

Canon E1 plugin for Final Cut Pro is coming (timed to NAB.) It will not require the memory card’s root structure to be present. This should open the door to saving and organizing clips in something like Aperture prior to working with them in FCP.

Release date via Canon Europe is April 25th.

Please read the end of the post – it appears that neither the US nor the UK versions of the plugin listed as v1.2 are the ones bringing the feature set listed in v1.2.

Update 4-16-2011: This plugin is here already via Canon’s USA site (select Mac OS X for Operating System and it’s second down on the list.)

More information from Canon’s DLC on v1.2 and background on how the E1 plugin works here and here.

Note too that there are new versions of EOS Utility, DPP, and the Picture Style Editor.

Update 4-22-2011: It appears the Canon v1.2 dated 4/16 may not be the real deal. It’s labeled as v1.2 under the “Mac OS X” pull-down but it looks like we’ll know for sure on Monday. 4/25 is the release date mentioned in various outlets include the Canon DLC page linked above.

Update 5-18-2011: Looks like Canon UK’s version posted 1.2 on 4/25 is the new version. Check out this entry from Chris Marino on Wide Open Camera.

Update 5-18-2011: I’ve tried both plug-ins (USA v1.2 & the Canon UK v1.2) and neither will recognize the Canon movie files if the directory structure is not present (*.THM files).

One FYI I learned in this process – if you need to delete a Canon FCP plug-in it’s not easily identifiable. It can be found here: HD>Library>Application Support>ProApps>MIO>RAD>Plugins>*.RADPlug. For the E1 Plugin it’s CanonE1.RADPlug.


  1. I downloaded the file but it must still be the old plugin as log and transfer is still denying the root structure.

  2. Ken – I hadn’t had a chance to try it out yet but can so early next week. I was surprised when it showed up so soon.

    Taking another look at Canon’s page for the 1DMIV, the plug-in shows up under “OS X” but not under “OS X 10.6” so something is not right.

    The Canon DLC page states a 4/25 release – so we’ll probably know what’s up for sure on Monday.

    Thanks – Jon

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