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With Gratitude

With Gratitude, a video we created for Princeton University, highlights a new stone marker installed adjacent to Princeton’s historic Nassau Hall which celebrates all the Princetonians “whose contributions — both seen and unseen — take us from the present to the possible.”

With Gratitude, on Vimeo and YouTube.


Getting a top-down view of the “With Gratitude” stone marker. Princeton, NJ. September, 2021.

The project was shot this past September and released in November. It encompassed one-day of original filming, footage drawn from my archive of past projects for Princeton, and one clip supplied by the university. The jib, seen above, was extremely helpful in capturing the new stone marker from above as well as getting wider level-to-the-ground jib movements for the establishing shots.

Instant voiceover booth. Princeton, NJ. September, 2021.

The voiceover, read by Princeton’s Mariana Corichi Gomez, was recorded in a separate session on campus.

Some of the drone footage seen in the video was filmed in Spring, 2021 during Princeton’s commencement weekend. To congratulate students and welcome their families, this was the university’s first in-person graduation since the start of the pandemic, Princeton lit many of their iconic buildings in orange for the first time. I was commissioned to capture the illumination from the sky and from the ground.

Taking off in front of Nassau Hall. Princeton, NJ. May, 2021.