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Are You Re-Experienced

Rounding out the work seen in my last blog post; a refreshed, The Fordham Law Difference; I was tasked to provide a similar reworking of The Fordham Law Experience – my 2013 film which looks at the school through the eyes of its students and its recent alumni.

Here is the new version of The Fordham Law Experience:

It features the new building along with integrating current b-roll.

All of the new footage, the building and b-roll, was shot with the Canon C300 in C-log. The interviews, completed in 2012 and 2013, straddle the line between an HDSLR, the Canon 5D Mark III, and the C300.


  1. Looking good Jon!

    the picture quality from the Canon cameras is superb and I think you would be only one to know which camera took each shot.

    best regards from the UK


  2. Thanks!

    I think it’s easy to tell which camera if the video is running closer to its actual size (1280 x 720 px.) At 640 x 480 px or smaller, in the finished piece, it’s very hard to tell.

    One factor though is that the C300 has so much more dynamic range. It’s very apparent when in post-production and it creates situations where it’s easy to finesse transitions between outside and inside or to hold details in windows when inside.

    I may do a blog post on that, the inside/outside transitions, it’s kind of like doing an exposure or aperture rack in post production.

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