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All for One and Supercuts for All

Not one, not two, not three but four franchisee testimonials shot for Supercuts, its parent company, Regis, and working with St. Jacques this past fall. The projects had me traveling between New Jersey and Texas/Oklahoma. I shot both stills and video. The stills ads are in process but here are the just completed videos (with my stills shots as thumbnails.)

All four were directed, shot, and edited by me. Art direction by Joey Greenstein. On two, I also played the interviewer. In terms of setups there are two BTS shots in previous blog posts here and here.

Chris Serrano of Tuscon, AZ and owner of eight-four Supercuts. Filmed in Oklahoma City, OK.

Jim Puryear of Graham, TX and owner of ten Supercuts. Filmed in Graham and Decatur, TX.

Gary Robins of West Chester, PA and owner of forty-one Supercuts. Filmed in Havertown, PA.

Jeff & Chris Montemurro of Milford, PA and owners of five Supercuts. Filmed in Sparta, NJ.