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The Sincerest Form of Flattery

Over the years, as I have glanced at my web stats, I have seen some surprising things – one example from a few years ago was links to my site from an online photography forum where members were citing some of my images as an example of the Leica look. The images they linked to were not shot with a Leica. Yesterday, in my stats there were multiple referrals from Flickr to my site. That’s something I’d normally be concerned about, I do not have a Flickr account nor do I want my work posted there, but it turns out the web referrals were for a different reason.

A Flickr attempt using one of my images as inspiration.
A Flickr attempt by Ryne Myers using one of my images as inspiration.
Sophie Clarke, CBS' Fall 2011 Survivor South Pacific winner. Coney Island, NY, March, 2012.
The original image, my portrait of Survivor winner Sophie Clark. Coney Island, NY, March, 2012.


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