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Level Up

Sorry for the over abundance of equipment posts, it’s been super busy and the work cannot be shown yet. That said, this is one more – think of it as note taking. When new cameras come in it’s always a bit of a dance as you get to know them and they you.

Today it was off to New York City for the second leg of a video project. I opted to shoot with both of my 5D Mark III’s, one locked off for a stationary shot and left running while I moved about to get some handheld b-roll with the second body. Here’s one look, taking advantage of the built-in level of the 5D Mark III.

Canon 5D Mark III, video setup, using the camera's built-in level via a monitor.

The camera is just over seven feet in the air. Impossible to see the level on the fluid head. No problem, just activate the camera’s built-in level and feed it to the monitor.

Another perk I liked, the lock control on the primary dial on the back of the camera. I engaged it to lock down my shutter speed while filming (1/50 sec.) but it still functioned normally for other settings if I needed to dive down into a menu. Nicely implemented.

Final observation of the night, it still surprises me how thoroughly people do not realize that you are filming when using a DSLR. Even with a small shotgun mic mounted on top and a z-finder on the screen.