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The Lost Boys

Actor Corey Haim passed away a couple of days ago. Best known in his child-actor days for the movie The Lost Boys and for being interlinked with fellow actor Corey Feldman. They earned the nickname, the two Coreys, and it followed them into adulthood.

I photographed the two Coreys in 1987, a few months after The Lost Boys premiered. I was working with a publicist doing PR photos for a nightclub, the Tunnel. It was the first client I had acquired on my own and my first assignment for them.

The two Coreys were 15 and 16, out partying and checking in on a fashion show at the Tunnel.

Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, and models. The Tunnel, New York City, 1987.
Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, and models. Andre Van Pier Fashion Show, 1987.

I don’t know what they went on to do that night. I called it quits at about 1am but was asked to run the film to the NY Post immediately. I eagerly obliged my new client, happy at the prospect of a published picture but not knowing that the Post was at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge and that the photo editor wasn’t due in until 7am.

*Miles Davis at the Tunnel: Re-Birth of the Cool.


  1. Did you leave it at the front desk?

    I bet all these models now live in suburbia and have kids older than the two Coreys in this great picture (nothing wrong with suburbia, mind you!).

  2. “Did you leave it at the front desk?”

    The film?…. Nope, the publicist insisted that I wait for the PE to arrive. I also wanted to be sure to get my negatives back. I was there until 8 or 9am. It was a long night, I was young and very green.

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