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Swedesboro, NJ

We drove down to the soccer game, arriving a half-hour early for the pre-game warmup. I had forgotten about the auction field. I had noticed it last fall when another game was played here. Now it was a pleasant surprise and this time I had my camera with me. The idea was to give the camera a second round of testing for focus issues during the game (long story) but I also had the 45mm tilt/shift lens with me… I dropped Leah off, headed directly back to the auction site a mile down the road, knowing I needed to get lunch, too, and be back for the game start at 2:00pm.

As I shot, quickly and a bit too sloppily, I thought of Tony Soprano. There’s an episode where he takes Meadow to look at colleges, recognizes a former associate now under witness protection, and indulges himself in a little business on the side. I indulged myself. The light was right.

Auction grounds, Swedesboro, NJ. March 21, 2009.