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Bridging the Numbers

New work for Princeton University’s Office of Finance and Treasury, a wrap around cover and inside section head for their Report of the Treasurer 2017-2018: A Ten Year Look at Princeton’s Financial, Physical, and Human Capital.

Cover spread for Princeton University’s Office of Finance and Treasury annual report 2017-2018. August, 2018. Princeton, NJ. Image © Jon Roemer.
Section Header for Princeton University’s Office of Finance and Treasury annual report 2017-2018. August, 2018. Princeton, NJ. Image © Jon Roemer.

Behind the scenes:

The cover spread (the Washington Road Bridge spanning Carnegie Lake) was shot with a Canon 5DSR and I bounced between two Canon tilt/shift lenses, the 24mm TSE II and the 17mm TSE. The Physical Capital section header was shot with the same camera and a Canon 90mm TSE lens.

Sun position/scouting images:

Washington Road Bridge/Lake Carnegie scout. Sun position. An evening shoot at ~5PM, before the sun fell behind the trees, would be perfect. July, 2018. Princeton, NJ.
Streicker Bridge scout. A backlit late morning shoot was chosen based on lighting and talent availability. Final location was near the “4pm” marker. Princeton, NJ. July, 2018.

One of the advantages of being local to a project is that you can reschedule on the fly based on the weather. I had planned to shoot the project in one day, the Physical Capital section header, Streicker Bridge, in the morning and the cover spread, the Washington Road Bridge, at sunset. But the weather being fickle was not going to hold into the evening the day of the Streicker shoot and that could not be rescheduled because talent had been arranged to populate the bridge.

So, I shot the cover spread on my own the evening before. To keep that kit small I did not shoot tethered but I did add an extra monitor to let me preview a bigger image.

Lake setup, cover spread image. A SmallHD monitor being used to see a bigger preview image and finesse the viewing angle. Canon 5DSR. Princeton, NJ. August, 2018.

I should add a caveat. While I had no assistant for the Washington Road Bridge leg, I did have a visitor drop by, Carnegie Lake’s resident beaver swam over to see what I  was up to.

The Streicker Bridge leg was a slightly bigger production. I shot the bridge from numerous angles in the early morning light, working tethered and with an assistant. Then in the late morning we met up with the client to stage students crossing the bridge. This was great timing as the talent would be backlit and the bridge would contrast well against the foliage.

Shooting tethered underneath Streicker Bridge. Canon 5DSR, 17mm TSE lens and a Digiplate/hood to shield the laptop from the ambient light. August, 2018.