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Horizon Foundation Grantee: Community in Crisis

New work and the first of five videos to drop highlighting The Horizon Foundation for New Jersey’s statewide grantees. Four of the films tell a grantee’s story through the eyes of one of its clients and the fifth film is a compilation of all of the videos.

In this first piece we meet Dotty. When her son came to her to confide that he was using heroin, Dotty turned to Community in Crisis for help and it made all the difference for her and her family.

Horizon Foundation Grantee: Community in Crisis, available on Vimeo and YouTube.

Community in Crisis received a grant from The Horizon Foundation for New Jersey to fund the sessions that Dotty attends as well as provide opioid prevention awareness education for New Jersey communities.

The grantee profile videos are part of comprehensive social media campaign. Each film utilizes open captions to convey its message across all platforms even when the audio has been muted.

This project was produced in partnership with Taft Communications.