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Mama Says Comics Rock

Great assignment with new store co-owner and recent college graduate, Cade Schreger. Cade was photographed in his Brooklyn store, Mama Says Comics Rock, for an editorial profile for Middlebury College.

Cade Schreger, co-owner of Mama Says Comics Rock. Photographed in Brooklyn, NY. November, 2016.

I photographed Cade with three lights, each individually powered via Profoto AcuteB 600r power packs.

The key light was set in a Profoto Medium Deep White Umbrella pushing through a white diffuser. A second light, next to the camera, was in a Chimera XXS softbox with a grid. It filled in the lower left where Cade was seated against the bookshelf. The third light was further back in the image, about the start of the center display table. It was mounted in a Chimera Small Lantern, angled to bounce off of the store’s white wall and add some fill to the background.

Cade Schreger, BTS – lighting setup. Brooklyn, NY. November, 2016.

I used my Canon 1DX Mark II with a 50mm f/1.2 lens. Exposure was guided by the desire to retain detail outside while still keeping a shallow depth of field so that Cade could be set apart from the background. ISO 100, f/2 @ 1/160. Tethering and raw processing in Capture One.


  1. Lovely picture Jon – really inspiring to see someone looking so happy! The Light on his face is superb. Not being a photographer I don’t have any technical feedback, its just a great picture.

    I also really enjoyed your previous post about the Women’s March on New Jersey.

    best – Mark

  2. Thanks so much Mark! Appreciate it.

    It’s good to have a happy photo these days…

  3. Slavik Boyechko

    This photo is amazing. It looks so natural, but of course it takes exquisite professional lighting and a trained eye to make it look like that. Well done Jon!

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