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Ready, Set, KPMG GO

Just came across this yesterday as I prepping to shoot another cover story for the same client. Portraits of a KPMG executive with the whole world(s) in his hands.

KPMG-Go, Fall 2012. Click images to enlarge.
Inside spread. KPMG-Go.
Inside spread. KPMG-Go.

What was interesting about this is that a conference room was reserved for us to shoot in… It was barely bigger than the inflatable globe on the cover! It was also our only option.  All other rooms reserved, hallways and common areas not permitted, and outside a steady rain. I had brought a 7′ backdrop but it was too big to fit in the room.

We used a white wall and made the best of it. A Profoto beauty dish and a soft box for subject lighting. Two lights to wash the wall.

Chris holds up the globe and we hit two lights.
Chris holds up the globe.