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13K and Climbing

Since I dipped my toe into video and filmmaking a two and a half years ago success has meant a happy client, the satisfaction of a job well done, and if the film is a personal project, the reward of creating something by pushing myself out of my comfort zone. The number of views were secondary and since I am not on social media, unlikely to climb too high. My most watched video, Blue Moon, Blue Maine, has had just shy of 800 plays after four months.

So, it is pretty amazing to me to see the number of plays for the recent video I created, One iPod Song Away. One month in, on my blog & site it has a measly 187 views but over on the Fordham Law Admissions site (where it’s called, The Fordham Law Difference,) it passed 13,000 plays today. Now, I’ll grant you it has a captive audience, the video runs when the page is opened, but still it’s 13,000?!…

**Update – 03/03/15: This is an updated 2105 version of the video which includes new b-roll and footage of the new law school building.**