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Blue Moon, Blue Maine

The first of two films shot recently in Maine. This one was made over the past two weeks and centers around the August 31st blue moon. The one to come is more of documentary/profile piece.

Blue Moon, Blue Maine was shot entirely on the Canon C300. Lenses included the 24-105, 70-200, 16-35, and the 50/1.2. Tripod, monopod, and handheld were all used. ISOs 850-20,000. Shot in c-log and edited and graded in FCP X. No denoise filters were applied in post but downloading the better file will give a clearer sense of noise levels (see directly below.) A few shots had stabilization added and a couple also had the horizon line corrected. ¬†Those clips got some additional but very minimal sharpening added in post (1.0 – 2.0 on FCP X’s sharpen filter.)

You can view in 1080p (hit the full-screen button on the lower right of the video, turn off scaling) and you can download a higher quality file from Vimeo. It will be better than Vimeo’s internal codec but is still limited in that it is a 20,000 kbits/sec file.

Locations include Deer Isle, Stonington and Blue Hill.

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