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When You Find Me

When You Find Me is a film by Bryce Dallas Howard and is the culmination of Canon’s Project Imagin8ion which featured and was overseen by her father, director Ron Howard.  The gist of the project was a competition which selected eight photos to use as inspiration for a short film.

As a professional photographer I was aware of the project through ads and promos but I didn’t pay much attention to it. It seemed geared toward consumers and a bit manufactured in concept. That said I was really taken with the movie that Bryce created. It has emotion and weight despite its contrived roots.

When You Find Me was on YouTube previously but only for a very short time. Now it is back online (but only through 3/19.)

The film starts about 3:10 in. It shows the eight inspiration photos at the very end.

Here’s a behind the scenes video. The making of the film starts at about 3:20 in.