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In Amongst the Reeds and Rushes

Photographed this past fall wall while working with a team from Brown and Caldwell. Their goal – environmental remediation of a brownfield site located near Raritan Bay.

Brown and Caldwell engineers, Fords, NJ. October, 2011. Click to enlarge.

The photos were featured in their magazine…

and in a promotional video (0:38 – 1:05):

Having to work quickly and travel light (OSHA rules limited movement, equipment, and access on the site) most of the portraits were shot available light though a bit of reflector fill was added on some. Lenses used ran the gamut from the 16-35 II (top portrait with the reeds), 24 TSE II (magazine spread = composite of three 24 TSE images) to the 70-200 II for some of the photos seen in the video.