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Canon EOS C300

I had mentioned the Canon’s new 1D X when it was announced in mid-October. Right on the heels of that Canon revealed its new EOS C300, a cinema style camera which kicks things up many notches in features, quality, and… price point.

Director/DP/Editor Jonathan Yi has posted what may be the world’s greatest test video of a new camera. As someone who has run into the HDSLR interview setup many times where the subject sits down and the moiré springs to life I can really appreciate the humor here.

Please note – some language and images may be deemed NSFW.

Jonathan has written an article for Canon on the C300. His Vimeo page has some information as well. Canon has a site dedicated to the camera,

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  1. Jon: What I found especially useful about this video is the comparison of the various camera file modes IE Cinema etc. They very clearly point out the differences in how digital can look from that saran wrap look to what a film like look should look like. I also was amazed at the differences in highlight backgrounds and what they speak of as a natural roll off of the highlights for a more natural look.

  2. Steve: I like the saran wrap description.

    FWIW, all of the films on the CinemaEos site (Laforet, etc.) were shot using the Canon Log setting.

    One nice feature of the C300 is that when you shoot in Canon Log you can still preview the footage as if it has been graded. Makes it much more practical than using the Cinestyle profile on an HDSLR (which makes the image really flat, hard to focus, and hard to judge exposure.)

    I also thought that the direct comparisons in the video vs. an HDSLR for bounce and jello effect were telling.

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