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The PPC is Here – the Portfolio PDF Creator

Just got a brand new feature added to my web site – a custom PDF generator. It allows viewers to create a PDF from any of the images in any of the galleries. Users can also control the order in which images appear. This should be very helpful for clients who want specific images to present and for myself when creating PDF’s to send out.

Portfolio PDF Creator interface - simple and elegant.
Screen grab of a sample pdf created from my site.

My site has always had the ability to email an image via the letter icon at the bottom of a gallery page. Those images though are small and you can only email them, one at a time. The new PDF portfolios can have as many images as you need and it has all of the attributes of a PDF (save to desktop, save to disk, open in Preview or another program, email, etc.)

To access the new Portfolio PDF Creator follow this link or you can select the new Create PDF option in the main menu on my web site.

Thanks to Rob and the crew at for this great new feature.