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Mac OS 10.6.5 + Aperture 3.1 = Big Speed Jump

Apple released the 10.6.5 update today. I needed to edit a job and export a web gallery both of which I did after updating.

The update lists one improvement as, “address[ing] performance of some image-processing operations in iPhoto and Aperture.” That may be an understatement… the web gallery is currently churning out at a rate *50% faster than in the past. A huge and noticeable improvement.

For those looking for it, raw files from ten more cameras are now supported in Aperture and in iPhoto.

—–Update 11/10—–

*Gallery is all done.  I just compared it to the one I made for a client on Sunday night. The current one was output at just over 250% faster.  198 image files in 41 minutes vs. 670 images in 54 minutes.

Since it’s a web gallery, Aperture is making thumbnails and 10″ 72 dpi jpegs from Canon 1Ds Mark III raw files.

—–Update 11/14—–

This evening I batch exported four different assignments from raw to tiffs and jpegs. 1744 files took 157 minutes which is 11.11 files/min. That, again, is a big jump in speed. Prior to 10.6.5 the speed clocked in at 4~7 files per minute depending upon how much is done to each file.

The raws are Canon 1Ds Mark III raw files and the computer is a Mac Pro 2×3 GHz Dual-Core, 12 GB ram, Radeon HD 4870 video card.