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Aperture 3.1

Apple released a big update to Aperture yesterday on the heals of their iLife ’11, Lion, and MacBook Air announcements. The update promises a host of bug fixes, speed improvements, and compatibility upgrades for the new iLife.

I updated last night. It does require that you update your database. So, I would recommend a backup first and be prepared for it to do its run. It is not like updating from 2.x to 3.0 but it will take a few minutes to do its thing.

Also, Apple may list a Prokit update first. You need to run that and then do the Aperture update (all via Software Update in the Sys. Prefs.)

Last night I edited a job so I can’t really speak to the improvements yet but the promised fixes seem to address areas where I have had Aperture issues.  For example, performance when using Highlight & Shadows (a great tool but the one thing guaranteed to slow down Aperture’s screen responsiveness and to slow down processing speed.)

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