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80 Acres and Some Art

There is a profile of artist Butch Anthony in today’s New York Times. It’s an interesting piece – Anthony has walked his own path creating art and bringing others along for the ride. It may be the first tale of an anthropomorphic turnip launching not one but three art careers.

The NYT has a slide show of Anthony’s art, compound, and his Doo-Nanny festival. The article takes the stance of this as outsider art but admits that Anthony’s work is harder to categorize. After reading it I wonder if outsider art should be stricken from the lexicon. It’s like the term the Dark Ages. The Dark Ages were not dark, but named because of a lack of knowledge about a time. Outsider art is only outside because its being defined by those that feel they are inside. It is, simply, art, and, if anything, could be termed inside/out art as its best practitioners seem to have a more direct way of channeling their inner self into something the outer world can experience and enjoy.


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