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Aperture 3

I am a diehard Aperture user and I am looking forward to using the latest version, released by Apple this morning.

More to report when I’ve received my copy and taken it for a spin.  For the time being it looks like there are many changes including:

  • More sophisticated import options
  • Expanded library features and organizational tools
  • Metadata and GPS upgrades
  • Image adjustments with localized edits
  • Curves tool and Chromatic Aberration Filter
  • Global adjustment presets
  • Video and audio support
  • Photo book and printing upgrades
  • GUI upgrades
  • 64-Bit support with Snow Leopard and Intel Core 2 Duo Macs
  • XMP support for both import and export
  • Faces, Places, Facebook, Flickr (things I don’t use)