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Goin’ Live – New Site, New Blog

The under the hood switchover was late last week but we can call this launch day for the new web site and the new blog.

The web site is at my domain,, and on this blog there are direct links via the Portfolio button to the left and on the About page.

What’s new at New galleries, new images, and a whole new engine underneath. The site is Flash based but still allows for direct linking to every page. There are many other great features as well:

  • Images and layout are dynamic. They will resize automatically to fit your browser window.
  • The site can be run fullscreen via the full button at the bottom of each gallery.
  • Images can be advanced by clicking to the right or left of the page, by clicking the arrows beneath each gallery, or by using the forward or back arrow keys on your keyboard.
  • Images can be emailed.
  • Curious for a bit more information on an image? Click the info button beneath the image.
  • Thumbnails are now available for every gallery.
  • The home page will feature slideshows instead of a static image.
  • Contact information is on every page along with a more detailed Contact page.
  • For the first time in over ten years of websites I’ve added an About page and a Client List page.

The blog has been renamed, Learning to See, and is now hosted within my domain. All of the posts from the old TypePad blog have been imported here. Nothing was lost in the changeover.

Both Learning to See and now have Smart Phone and App Phone versions to make viewing on those platforms quick and easy.

I’ll have more to say on the change over and what I’ve learned in the process in the coming weeks. For now, I’d like thank Rob Haggart of and for his help in switching platforms and in consulting on my gallery edits and image selection; friends for giving everything the once and twice-over; and my very patient family as Dad became obsessed with yet another work related project.