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Canon 14mm f/2.8L II Lens, Gitzo "Giant" Tripod Full Extension
Canon 14mm f/2.8L II Lens, Gitzo “Giant” Tripod Full Extension

A couple of years ago I got a new Gitzo tripod I had seen at Photo Plus the fall before.  Fresh on the market at that time, it has been a great tool – carbon fiber for strength and weight savings plus it can get a camera over nine feet off the ground when a center column plus tripod head are added to it.  It’s nice for every day use since it has more heft than a standard carbon fiber tripod (many CF tripods are too light requiring you to add a weight to them for stability) and the added height comes in handy on architecture assignments or when you have to shoot over things (like cars and street signs in an urban environment).  I added a geared column to mine and I use a Bogen compact geared head with it. The tripod is Gitzo’s tallest earning itself the moniker, “Giant.”

Canon 24mm TS-E f/3.5 L Lens, Gitzo "Giant" Tripod Full Extension
Canon 24mm TS-E f/3.5 L Lens, Gitzo “Giant” Tripod Full Extension

Well, I think the Giant may have to step aside.  Cameron Davidson, a fellow photographer and friend, just posted a blog entry on his Quad Pod, a monster of camera stand which may be best described as a camera mast.


  1. Andrew

    The link to the quad pod blog entry does not work. Can you tell me more about this product and how it can replace a Gitzo Giant tripod? I did search online, but couldn’t find anything except handheld video camera stabilizers.

  2. Andrew – It looks like Cameron removed the post from his blog. Don’t know why… His quad pod is a German made aluminum mast system. I don’t know the manufacturer’s name. It’ll go up to about 50′ and it has a quadpod base. On the top the camera is hooked into an electric head so that the camera position can be remote controlled.
    I don’t see it as a replacement for a tripod, it’s something unto itself. It’s not as easy to use as a normal tripod but it allows you to get up a few stories without resorting to using a lift or a helicopter.
    For more info. you may want to contact Cameron directly via his website or blog.

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