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Thanks are Never Enough

Princeton, NJ May 29, 2007

In May of last year my father asked me to take his passport photo. He wasn’t going abroad but needed to get a passport as an ID for work he was doing within the United States. At the time it dawned on me that this was the closest I had ever come to making a formal portrait of him.

He arrived dressed, pressed and ready but was a bit taken back that I had set up lights. “What’s with the lights? We don’t need those.”

It had been years since I shot a passport photo, last time was when I worked in a camera store in high school. So, prior to his arrival I double checked the photo spec’s and rules on the US State Department web site.  Head position, lighting, image size, etc.  I had printed out the information and showed it to him.  “Eh, you didn’t have to set up lights.”  Sure I did.  The photo had to be up to my standards and to meet the regulations.  When your father raises you to be prepared and to take such things into consideration – you don’t cut corners.

Jack Roemer, 1934-2008