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No CA for You!

It’s almost August and time for an annual rite of passage for photographers.  Communication Arts magazine publishes its Photography Annual.  Mine arrived this afternoon.  No… I’m not in it.  I was in it, way back when in 1996 with two images, but it’s been a bit of dry spell since then.  I know, most photographers use their blogs to brag and preen and, well, I admit it, I’m not in it.

Not getting into the annual always makes me think of the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld.  Step out of line, say the wrong thing, take too long, ask too many questions or look the wrong way and you’re out of luck.  No soup for you!  Try as I might it’s been no CA for me since ’96.

Now that I have a blog I can publish my own images.  Here’s Jon’s Photography Annual for 2008, a few images that I submitted to CA that didn’t make the cut:


Category: Unpublished
Photographer: Jon Roemer
Client: New Jersey Monthly
Subject/Use: Ed Whitten; a leading researcher in superstring theory.


Category: Institutional
Photographer: Jon Roemer
Client: Princeton University
Subject/Use: Book commemorating dedication of Whitman College.


Category: Unpublished
Photographer: Jon Roemer
Client: Self
Subject/Use: Personal Work, Maine Landscape.

So, there you go.  Here’s looking to next year.  It’ll be the CA Photography Annual’s 50th Anniversary. Sounds like a nice issue to be in…


  1. No CA for me, either. Great shots, though. I always wonder what ends up on the cutting room floor after they choose the awards.

  2. Thanks Alastair. Great to hear from you. It would be interesting to see the cutting room floor or to see what ended up being a vote or two shy of getting in. I think we all are always just one vote shy of being in the book. RIght?! ;-)

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