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Eh, You Spoofing Me? Are You Spoofing Me?

If you ever wanted proof that most spam comes from the same source I now have it.  This morning I’ve gotten over 300 emails.  No, I’m not that popular.  These are all “undelivered mail”, “returned mail” notices, “failure” notices, etc.  A spammer has spoofed my email address.

What’s interesting is that the returns are not all for the same email blast.  The bounced back spams include Chanel watches, Breitling watches, Rolex watches, Viagra, “we caught you naked”, pens, drugs, spam about spam, houses for sale in Russia, software, Tiffany jewelry, a certain percentage off of something, DVD’s, Cameron Diaz photos, Nicole Kidman mp3’s, Milla Jovovich “sexy songs”, Franck Muller watches, watch stores and Hermes products.  There are spams in English, French, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch and languages I can’t decipher.

So, the spammer has used my return address in not just one email blast but in multiple email blasts at the same time for much of his client base.

Here’s the kicker… I haven’t gotten any of the usual flood of spam addressed directly to me.  I guess they’ve given me the day off so that I can manage all of this bounced back email.  How nice.