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Lead Image Created for $1.75 Billion Campaign


This past fall I was commissioned by Princeton University to photograph the cupola on Nassau Hall.  To Princeton students and alumni this is the source of all things Princeton.  If you are not familiar with Nassau Hall it was constructed in 1754 and in 1783 it was for a brief few months the capital of the United States.

As is often the case, a simple looking shot like this involves more work than is apparent.  For this image the viewing angle was scouted, the sun’s location plotted and the weather forecast consulted to create an image that would be bold and graphic.  On the technical front, I knew the image would be printed very large so it was captured in three pieces and then assembled in Photoshop.

The end result is an image which has become one of the centerpieces in Princeton University’s Aspire launch, a campaign to raise $1.75 Billion in five years.