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The NYU Law Venture Fund

NYU Law School’s Venture Fund supports entrepreneurship within the law school community through grants, internships, mentorships, startup funding, business plan competitions, and on-campus activities.

The NYU Law Venture Fund on YouTube and Vimeo.


Filmed as a series of Zoom-based interviews. The interviews were recorded internally via the Zoom app as well as through screen capture to an external recorder, an Atomos Ninja V. The external recording, in ProRes, is the primary video. Its advantage over the Zoom app’s save-to-disk feature is that its data rate is about 100x greater. It does not give you extra resolution per se but it will provide better color, better contrast, and, depending upon the interviewee’s Internet connection, better detail.

This process does require additional postproduction time because the external recording, while better overall, records all of the on-screen notifications which pop up during the Zoom session. The Zoom internal recording is free of them. So, in postproduction I layer the Zoom recording on top of the external recording. I then mask and blend the Zoom internal recording so that its role is to only correct for those notification issues.