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40 Under 40: Dasarte Yarnway for InvestmentNews

Dasarte Yarnway, Founder of the Berknell Financial Group. Princeton, NJ. June, 2020.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting and photographing Dasarte Yarnway, founder of the Berknell Financial Group. He was here in the studio so that we could create images for InvestmentNews’ 40 Under 40 issue.

Congrats to Dasarte!

InvestmentNews, 40 Under 40 issue, Dasarte Yarnway profile. June, 2020.


Lighting setup. 3 – Profoto B10 Pluses, Deep White Umbrellas with diffusers, and a grid spot. Princeton, NJ. June, 2020.

I needed to get full-length, mid-length, and seated images of Dasarte. Given the space in my studio and my preference to keep shadows off of the backdrop that meant large very soft light sources. I went with a three-light setup. The modifiers were a Profoto Deep White Umbrella XL + Diffuser (65″ diameter) for the key, a Profoto Deep White Umbrella Medium + Diffuser (41″ diameter) for the fill, and a 30° Grid as a backlight opposite the key light’s side. The lights were Profoto B10 Pluses.

The images were captured on a Canon EOS R running tethered into Capture One Pro via my laptop. I used Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L and Canon 85mm f/1.4L IS lenses for the project. My newest piece of kit, a face mask, was in full use and I worked without an assistant so that Dasarte and I could maintain 6′ social distances.

Camera kit. Canon EOS R, EF lenses, and a mask. Princeton, NJ. June, 2020.