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The Perfect Fit

In this new video for the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Management Program at Columbia Business School students tell us why the program is a perfect fit for those with a passion for healthcare.

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Management Program at CBS on Vimeo and YouTube.

Some of this may look familiar and that’s because it is. This video grew out of another project I shot, Thank You Tom! It shares an intro and a few interview clips with it. Thank You Tom! was created specifically to thank a benefactor while announcing his gift to the public. It was tailored to its task and to its presentation, premiering before a live audience.

This new video is more front facing. It is designed to live on the HPMP’s home page and online on YouTube. As such, it has a music track and more b-roll. From a client – vendor – production standpoint it’s a great example of leveraging the assets from an initial project to create a something new which has a fresh perspective and a different end goal in mind.


In the Thank You Tom! blog post I dive into the two-camera interview setup. Since the interviews in this new video share the same source material the same information will apply. Click through to Thank You Tom! to learn more.

Two-camera interview setup. New York, NY. December, 2018.

For this new video, let’s take a look at the b-roll. To start the video has two gimbal based clips which basically bookend the project. The first is at 00:23 and the second at 02:32.

Here are the two clips, isolated from the full video:

EOS R & Ronin-S 4K Video Sample on Vimeo and *YouTube.

These were shot on a Canon EOS R in 4K mode, C-log 4:2:0 8-bit internal capture, with the camera mounted on a DJI Ronin-S gimbal. The first clip is available light. The second clip had a bit of fill light at the beginning while the subject was still indoors to bring out the texture of the backpack. You can view the samples in 4K on Vimeo and *YouTube.

*If you are on a Mac and wish to the view the sample on YouTube in 4K you will need to use Google’s Chrome browser.

I have written a few blog posts to date referencing the EOS R and I’ll write more in the future. A quick summary for now, it is Canon’s first full-frame mirrorless camera and it offers both stills and video features. It has been somewhat controversial online since it was released late last summer. For me, though, it’s been a superb camera, punching far above its weight. When coupled with a gimbal like the DJI Ronin-S the R brings a welcome grab-and-go flexibility to video projects. It also mixes really well with footage created on the Canon C300 Mark II and the Canon C200 matching their color almost perfectly.

The other larger block of b-roll added in the new video is from a planning meeting between HPMP students and HPMP’s director, Bunny Ellerin.

Columbia Business School Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Management Program, planning meeting. Frame grab. New York, NY. December, 2018.

This was shot with the Canon C300 Mark II in HD mode, C-log3, and in the BT.709 color space. Why not the EOS R? Because given how full the room was it was clear I would not be able to move about quickly with the R on a gimbal. The better option was to use the C300 Mark II with a longer zoom lens on a monopod or handheld. I did both taking advantage of the image stabilization built into the lenses I had on hand, the Canon CN-E 18-80mm and the CN-E 70-200mm.

There was neither the time nor the space to setup lights for the planning meeting coverage and there really was no need. Lights would have intruded on the lighthearted feel of the meeting and gotten in the way of the limited camera angles available in the room. So, I filmed this portion in a more documentary style taking advantage of the room’s available light.

Additional frame grabs from the planning meeting footage:

Thanks to the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Management Program at Columbia Business School and to the Richard Paul Richman Center, also at Columbia, for allowing use of footage I created for their recent project in this new video.