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Why Light? Video Interview Lighting Setup

Update – 01/17/18Why Light? Part 2 – The Interview is now online.

On a recent video project, filming an interview, I had some observers on set who were there to see how I work as they mull over doing a video series of their own. It got me thinking about the client perspective in world where a client can shoot a video interview on anything from their own phone to bringing an outside crew.

In this vlog I take you through my decisions on camera angles through to my opting to use six lights to light the set.

Why Light – Video Interview Lighting Setup.

Everything is in the vlog but here is the set with and without lighting.

Interview set with and without lighting. November 29, 2017. New York, NY.

And here is my assistant Chris sitting in for the subject, showing the camera angle with and without lighting.

Camera angle with subject unlit. Canon C300 Mark II, CN-E 18-80mm lens at 44mm, f/4 aperture. New York, NY. November 29, 2017.
Camera angle with subject lit. Canon C300 Mark II, CN-E 18-80mm lens at 44mm, f/4 aperture. New York, NY. November 29, 2017.

A few notes about the “Why Light…” video:

~08:50 I mention a Grid Cloth for further cutting down the light in hitting the wall in back on the right and the desktop. I quickly correct myself fifteen seconds later by calling it a Scrim. It is a Scrim. Two are included in the RoadRags II kit, a single and a double. I used a Double Scrim.

Matthews Grip Equipment RoadRags II Artificial Silk diffuser with a Double Scrim added to it. New York, New York. November, 2017.

~13:30 I talk about the shadows around Chris’ collar and potentially using a larger source to mitigate them. I mention a 4’x4′ diffuser. Alternative methods not mentioned in the video could include bouncing the light, using a book light setup (bouncing the light and then pushing it through a diffuser), or using another type of key light.  Other keys could include a Kino Flo, Arri SkyPanel, or a Litepanels Gemini but are not limited to those lights.

Lights used:  Four Litepanels 4x Bicolor Astras and two Litepanels Sola 4s.

Modifiers: Matthews Grip Equipment RoadRags II Artificial Silks and Flags; Litepanels Astra Softbox + Grid, Litepanels 30 Degree Grid.

Camera: Canon C300 Mark II with a CN-E 18-80mm lens.

Tripod & Head: Sachtler Flowtech 75, FSB-8 Fluid Head.

The video is also on my YouTube Channel: