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Bike Ride, Time-lapse, Sound Layer Whimsy

From a couple of weeks ago, experimenting with sound layers and a time-lapse shot on a GoPro. Twelve layers of sound mixed throughout.

Available on Vimeo in resolutions up to 4K:


  1. Well that’s certainly different. Interesting soundscape. Couldn’t quite identify 12 separate sound sources but the collage works well. What did strike me was what a pleasant neighbourhood you live in. Certainly a great place to go round on a bike which is something I do regularly. Best form of transport I’ve come across.

    I’ve recently been playing around with the DJI Osmo which I’ll now use almost all the time for vehicle grip shots.

    I bit the bullet and bought the C300Mk2 a few months back and it’s definitely an upgrade over the C300, both in ergonomics and picture quality. The biggest bonus is the new autofocus system which takes a great deal of stress out of filming interviews which I do a lot of. It’s certainly not perfect but offers a useful range of focusing tools.

    I also bought the Zacuto Gratical HD which again just means there is no doubt about what is in focus or not. Mounting it however requires their rig which adds weight and bulk. But the bonus is being able to get very usable shoulder mounted shots.

    The item i’m waiting for at the moment is the new 18-80 zoom lens which looks spectacular and once on the camera will rarely come off I imagine.

    All the best – Mark

  2. Mark – Thanks! Despite living in the most densely populated state in the US, it is very pretty around here. We’re lucky to have the university. It’s a big reason the town stays the way it is.

    The Osmo footage looks great. Have you found it to be reliable? I’ve heard mixed things.

    I haven’t made the jump to the C300Mk2 yet but it’ll happen. Glad to hear it is working out for you. I have been fortunate to do some work with Canon at the US HQ and we’ve used it there. I also got to DP one of the Canon launch films for the 18-80. I can say firsthand it is spectacular. Image to build quality.

    I just got a 1DX Mark II and shot a personal project to test it out the video on it. I will be posting that later today.

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