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Blue Moon 2015

Testing out a new Canon G3 X – it’s a point & shoot with a 35mm equivalent 24mm – 600mm lens (yes, you read that right… 600mm optical lens). It also has a 1″ chip, a pro type body made of magnesium, and it is weather sealed.

Enough specs! I’m just floored one can shoot with a point & shoot, handheld, and get results like this.

Blue moon. July 31, 2015. Princeton, NJ.
Blue moon. July 31, 2015. Princeton, NJ.

f/6.3, 1/400, ISO 125, 600mm (35mm equiv.), shot in raw and processed in ACR. Cropped from the original and reduced in size.

If you have more blue moon cravings – here’s a link to my Blue Moon, Blue Maine film from a few years ago.

Update – 10/25/15: A look at the Canon G3 X – Caesar Gets a Canon G3 X.


  1. Jon – excellent sharpness from such a small chip.

  2. I’m amazed both at the image and the ability to handhold the equivalent of a 600mm lens. This is the same chip that is in some Sony and Panasonic cameras.

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