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Recent hybrid job. Creating an apartment in a conference room. October, 2014.
Recent hybrid job. Creating an apartment in a conference room. October, 2014.

#PatOnTheBack – Shot a hybrid project last month, TV commercials and Print Ads. Not too shabby for a guy who dove back into filmmaking/video in 2010! Can’t show work yet but will post some #BTS.

#FCPX – On the gig above I shot with #WideDR on the #EOSC300 (I usually shoot c-log.) Footage looked incredible until I brought it into my #rMBP to back up and double check. Shocked to see it look like crap; moire, aliasing, over sharpened. Frightening really. Issue was only on the laptop and only in #FCPX. Confirmed later that night that the footage was fine. Then @ChrisFenwick of @FCPXGrill set me straight… One small setting for #FCPX, one giant difference in the preview of footage – in the Viewer window make sure to set the Quality to “Better Quality” not “Better Performance.” My edit station was set correctly but not my #rMPB. #LessonLearned

#Aperture – as a ten year user of #Aperture quite dismayed to see #Apple abandon it. I know #Photos is coming but really? No word on what it will do and only leaks that it will not be a true #ProApp. Some compare it to the FCP to FCPX transition but I don’t think so. #BadFeeling #MissedOpportunity

#CaptureOnePro8 – What? Yep, I’m testing the waters with #C1. I was going to hold out with #Aperture to see what #Photos would bring but too many issues trying to shoot tethered – #Aperture and Canon’s DPP had both become unreliable. #DPP would knock out #Aperture’s ability to tether. The new #DPP was too slow even if shooting Raw + Jpeg and only tethering the jpeg’s. #LearningNewTools

#DualPixelAF – I got one of my #EOSC300 upgraded. Excited to test it out and use it on shoots. #LookingForwardToIt

#EOSC100MarkII – Got to play with this at #PhotoPlus2014. Liked it a lot. Great improvements. #FaceTrackingAF looks really cool. Viewfinder and other new features round out what should have been in the camera with the Mark I’s launch. #TakeThat4K

#Twitter – And, oh yeah, I joined Twitter. You can find me @jon_roemer. #OneMoreThing