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Fire and Ice

A glacier slowly works its way off the studio roof. Princeton, NJ. February 11, 2014. Click images to enlarge.

Sweat dripping, ice dripping. Is there a big difference? Stuck in the longest winter in memory it is a good opportunity to think back to the summer when it was so hot and humid that just the barest of movement could soak through a shirt.

Almost six months ago to the day I ventured down to Woolwich, NJ, for B, Buick’s owner magazine to photograph Diane Dobson, her Buick Enclave, and her family. Diane had recently made the switch from Mercedes to Buick.

The Dobson’s keep cool with their Enclave. Fall, 2013, B, Buick’s owner magazine. Two-page spread. Woolwich, NJ. August 12, 2013.

90% humidity, using what shade we could and a Profoto 600B + beauty dish for fill. Here’s a BTS photo of the setup.

BTS of Dobson/Buick setup. Ladder, tech cart and 600B to the left. Chris keeps keeps an eye on things to the right.