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Five Years In

Five years ago, September 17, 2008, Canon released the 5D Mark II. Their first HDSLR to include large-chip video recording. That coupled with Vincent LaForet’s Reverie and the world was suddenly a different place. The potential now existed to create filmic looking video utilizing much of the gear we already had and at a price that had never before been possible.

For the industry this would prove to be a sea change. Not only would cameras now be capable of doing both stills and video, many clients would come to the table expecting their photographers to do both. The stock market crash in late 2008/early 2009 exacerbated trends further by decimating the print industry, hastening the shift of viewership to online media, and increasing demand for video just as print was waning.

I did not dive into video myself until 2010 courtesy of a client insisting that I shoot both stills and video for an annual report project.

Five years in – where are we now and where are we headed? For me, my business has quickly grown to become just over half video projects. I am thoroughly enjoying creating promotional documentaries along with doing my stills work. It’s been great fun, a wonderful challenge, and an excellent way to add a new spark to a twenty-five year long stills career.

What about others? Is the change fostered by the 5D Mark II still alive? Has it been snuffed out by many moving on to large-chip cinema style video cameras? Mitch Aunger, aka PlanetMitch of, has just published a 135 page ebook, The HDSLR Revolution is Over… Right?, commemorating the date. It includes commentary from many of the field’s leading shooters, bloggers, and manufacturers. I am honored to be part of this group.

Along with the commentary the book has a recap of the history since the 5D Mark II’s release and a transcript from a 2013 NAB panel discussing the HDSLR’s current and future viability.

It’ll be a great read and I’m looking forward to learning everyone’s thoughts. To get the free ebook (along with four others) you need to sign up for Planet5D’s free daily email.

The HDSLR Revolution is Over... Right? Free book available via Planet5d. Click photo to link through.
The HDSLR Revolution is Over… Right? Free ebook from Planet5d. Click photo to link through.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Planet5D’s blog, headline news, and forums.