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Job Site

In late 2011 I made a short, The Crane Life. It was an example of what could be created from four small time lapse sequences, shot in pairs, during one visit to a job site. Lots of promise for what was to be an ongoing series documenting a construction project in Manhattan. In theory we would see the building rise before our eyes, in reality the building has risen but the project stalled. Only a few site visits were made, mixing a bit of stills, live action video, and time lapse.

This work was shot in 2011 and 2012 using Canon 1Ds Mark III’s and a Canon 1D Mark IV. The former for time lapse stills, the latter for both time lapse stills and video. (Video above.)

Job Site builds on The Crane Life, adding some of the live action footage shot before it (during the excavation of the foundation) and time lapse footage shot just after it.

Update – 2/19/15: New blog post brings this project full circle with the building’s dedication – Refreshed, Reminted, & Dedicated.