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Aperture 3.4 Corrects 5D Mark III Highlight Issue

Back in April I did a blog post about the Canon 5D Mark III and highlight issues within Aperture. I was seeing anomalies at the extremes of highlight recovery either due to exposure or the presence of highly saturated colors. This affected Canon 5D Mark III raw files but I don’t know if it was limited to that one model or if affected other cameras as well (my 1Ds Mark III and 1D Mark IV files were fine.)

The good news is that the recent Aperture 3.4 update corrects the problem! Highlight recovery and white balance are now working as they should. To take advantage of this you’ll need to do the update, it will update your image database, and then you’ll need to hit the image’s reprocess button.

This image stresses the highlight and white balance functions within any raw processor. Heavily filtered event lighting, plus some tungsten, some fluorescent, and skin tones.

Canon 5D Mark III raw file, click WB off of center white collar. Left = Aperture 3.3, right = Aperture 3.4. Click image to enlarge.