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Change, Flux, Reinvention

A Canon C300 at the AbelCine introduction. NY, NY, January 25, 2012.

It’s a weird time – I just redid my people print portfolio, first time in years. Yet, last fall was dominated by video work. So, as I redo books (architecture is next) I’m also thinking about video, cameras both still and video, upgrade paths, compromises, choices and where best to allocate resources.

My still cameras, Canon 1Ds Mark III’s, have served me well. Four years old, rock solid. The next generation has been announced and should be out this spring, the 1D X. Primarily, a still camera but with 2nd generation DSLR video (less moiré, less artifacts).

And then there is the C300, a video camera. Stunning images, easier workflow and handling than when shooting DSLR video and the ability to take all of my Canon lenses. And no visible moiré or artifacts.

The former promises a better focusing, higher ISO camera, with slightly better video workflow and (most likely quality.) The still quality is not likely to be noticeably better except in low-light or in AF challenged situations.  The latter is orders of magnitude better on the video front – no more of the subject sitting down and moiré rearing its head and no more unusable shots because there are too many artifacts. Plus, it is better on the high ISO front and second system sound recording can be eliminated if desired.

Attendee tries out the C300 in stripped down mode. Looks and feels much like a medium format still camera - think Hassie or Mamiya. AbelCine, NY, NY, January 25, 2012.

While the options cost real money they also end up in the same ballpark when all things are factored in (old cameras sold, etc.) So, what’s it come down to? In the end, the same ever present question -> Who am I and what do I do? Not what do I do in terms of making the choice seen in the paragraphs above but what is it that I do as a person, as an individual, day to day, as one following my interests, and as one in the still motion world that is photography in 2012. In the end the question is not about equipment, it never is.