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A Pilot Lost, a Friend Found, a Student Remembered

Dorene Prinzo holds a portrait of her brother, Lt. j.g. Roy Haviland, one of the last service members killed during the Viet Nam War. Belford, NJ, August, 2011. Click image to enlarge.

A tale of loss, remembrance, and honor. Fordham graduate Lt. j.g. Roy Haviland’s plane was lost at sea due to a radar malfunction and collision in the waning days of the Viet Nam war. His sister, Dorene Prinzo, worked to keep his memory alive within her family. Unbeknownst to her a classmate of Roy’s, James Flaherty, wondered what had happened to his friend and upon hearing the news set up a scholarship in Roy’s name.

Usually the story would end there but a cousin of Roy’s, another Fordham graduate, read of the scholarship and contacted Dorene, so she could be aware of the honor bestowed upon her brother and how it would help others for years to come.

The full story is in Fordham Magazine.