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Wait Wait… We’re Home

We’re back from Maine after a long drive with stops in Bowdoinham, ME for lunch and the always reliable Rein’s in Vernon, CT for dinner. My kids are usually plugged into their iPods for much of the trip but a chance listening to Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me led to a marathon session of five or six WWDTM’s at their urging and courtesy of the free iPhone Public Radio Player app. Wait Wait… if you are listening – thanks for that bit of shared family fun on the way home. It’s a great way to end a vacation. President Clinton… if you are listening – nice job on My Little Pony.

I shot a lot this trip as evidenced by all of the square Hipsta photos preceding this post but the bulk of it was video on my 1DM4 and my iPhone or stills on my iPhone. My 1DsM3 spent much of the trip in its bag chilling out. I attribute that to a number of factors – this trip was not about doing as much as relaxing. You need a crowbar to get teens out of bed in the morning so we didn’t fight it. They could sleep late, we could kayak or run or read, and we would all do something together in the afternoon. That in itself led to being in less places which in turn led to less photos. I have also been to this area of Maine so many times that video and the Hipsta stills offered a way to see it new, so I gravitated toward that instead of feeling a need to work with the 1DsM3.

Afternoon on the links, Sedgewick, ME. July 7, 2011.

The one thing, the only thing, I photographed with the big camera was the early morning scene on Crockett Cove. Light, water, and mist too beautiful to turn my back on.

Sunrise, Crockett Cove, Deer Isle, ME. June 27, 2011. Click images to enlarge.
Sam’s Island, Crockett Cove, Deer Isle, ME.  June 27, 2011.