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Earlier in the month I posted, Shrubbery, about a trip to photograph a former Grumman factory mid-way out on Long Island. The images are to document the complex for a real estate capital intermediary company (I leave that to others to parse.) As mentioned in Shrubbery, it’s an interesting group of buildings ranging from somewhat re-habbed to fully renovated.

Establishing shot showing two of the three buildings. Click images to enlarge.

The newest building, #300, seen on the far right above, has a new exterior and puts out a very different vibe from buildings #100 and #200.

Private entrance for University Support Services LLC.
USS LLC lobby interior.
Main entrance building #300.
Lobby, building #300.
Balcony view, building #300.

The other lobby entrances reflect the other buildings’ stature. You can imagine they were security checkpoints when the site was developing equipment for the army.

Building #200 lobby, exterior seen in the Shrubbery post.

I love the sense of scale in the background hallway. Two-point perspective as far as the eye can see. The three buildings are about 1000′ across and 400’at the deepest (as seen above.)

The interior spaces are similar – often large and open, reflective of a manufacturing past.

A combination of three frames to populate the image. I like the density.
Most likely a better image for the client. A bit more room to breathe, a sense of scale and adaptability.
Building #200 cafeteria.

My tilt/shift posts remain some of the most popular on Learning to See. The images above were shot with the Canon 24 TS-E II and the 17 TS-E.