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Granite Janet

The last piece of the puzzle for the new studio, short of the grass growing in, is also its only indulgence. All other details have been selected with budget and function primary factors. For the short walkway to and from, it’s only about 10′, I wanted something special and close to my heart. For me, that’s Deer Isle/Stonington granite.

When it turned out that one color of the studio’s exterior HardiePanel was already called Boothbay Blue completing the Maine theme was preordained. I have vacationed in Maine off and on for over twenty years, having fallen in love with the Deer Isle – Stonington area. My web site has a Maine gallery and some of the images in my Family gallery are from Maine as well. You’ll find ample evidence of the granite in its raw state throughout the photos.

Finding Deer Isle granite and getting it to New Jersey is not as easy as it seems. Luckily, after much Googling I came across Swenson Granite Works and New Jersey is just within the delivery range for their Newtown, CT store. They pulled up yesterday in their brand new truck complete with a very cool wirelessly controlled crane.

Update: 04-28-11:

The granite roughed out and in place. Click images to enlarge.

Video and stills via the iPhone 4, video edited on the iMovie app.

Music: The Clash.



  1. Jim

    This confirms my opinion that any song by The Clash compliments, well, anything. Oh how I wish I had seen them during their stay at Bonds Time Square…

    It looks pretty good, Jon. Is the studio available for weekend rentals?

  2. The Clash and granite = classic rock?

    Yes, weekend rentals and corporate retreats once the grass is in.

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