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I Do Believe It, I Do Believe It’s True

At the Bronx Zoo, aka the Wildlife Conservation Society, last fall for a story on Fordham and the WCS’ continuing ed for science educators. A bit of a bizarre day in that it was almost halloween so the zoo was filled with costumed kids, but it was a chance to go behind the scenes.

Sure, it looks like an African village.

The zoo is a bit like Disney World in that you know there are tunnels everywhere, rooms, and an infrastructure you cannot see. In this case it’s a classroom and lab hidden within the Somba Village.

On these shoots there is some direction but you are for the most part a fly on the wall, waiting for a moment when everything comes together. In this case, it happened over with the langurs – a nice graphic image which told the story.

At the Zoo, Fordham Magazine, Winter 2011.

The story online.