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Blog and Mobile Updates

I have implemented some changes to the blog and also received some great changes to my web platform.

The blog has been updated from a free WordPress theme, Oulipo, to a purchased platform via PageLines. For now it has a similar look and feel – images are larger, text is easier to read – and there should be long-term payoffs with the under the hood changes.

Oulipo on the left, Pagelines platform on the right. Click to enlarge.

I am also testing a new image plug-in. Instead of opening into new separate windows, enlarged images open on top of the blog page. They size themselves automatically to the browser window and you can navigate through multiple images by clicking the right or left of the image or using your forward and back keys on the keyboard. You can close the window by clicking outside of the image or hitting “esc’ on the keyboard. Click the image above to enlarge it or check out this post from January 31st to explore the functionality¬†when multiple images are used.

On mobile platforms the blog continues to use a custom WPtouch Pro skin.

Blog as viewed on the iPhone.

Over on the main web site, once again the APF crew has come through with a wonderful new update. The iPhone and Android version of the site now mimics my web site (with the option to customize the color) and video has been added.

Home page, iPhone/Android version.

Gallery images are now full screen. You swipe left or right to move through the gallery and swiping the final image takes you back to the home page.

Gallery image, iPhone/Android version.

The images size themselves to vertical or horizontal orientations. On the image you can click the “X” in the upper right to close the gallery and the “i” in the lower right to open the caption.

Horizontal format, horizontal image, caption turned on.

I’m really excited to see video come to the mobile platform. Hit the “Videos” tab, get the video menu, and dive in.

Videos page.

Selecting a video shows you a thumbnail and tapping the image starts the video.

Video thumbnail with the play button.

Similar to the still image window, the “x” on the upper right will close the gallery and take you back to the Videos menu.